Philosophy 102 Worst Paper Title Contest

For several years in my Philosophy 102 class, “Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology”, I have given a prize for the WORST paper title. This is in the spirit of contests for the worst first line of novels, etc. The winners so far:

Adam S. Cherensky ’93, “Believe me Alone! James Willfully Cries: Hume or Me!”
[for a paper on a comparison of William James’ “The Will to Believe” and Hume]

Holly Hodgson ’96, “U Kant Touch This -M.C. Humer”
[for a paper on Kant’s response to Hume]

Amy Cheng ’95, “Noumena, Schmounena, I’ll Take Phenomena”
[for a paper on Kant]

Abby Ramsden ’98, “I Kant Smile Without Hume: Variations on a tune by Barry Prolegomanilow”
[for a paper on Kant and Hume]

Kim Zelnick ’00, “Cogito Eggo Sum: I think I am a Waffle”
[for a paper on Descartes]