Proof of the Superiority of Hamentashen over Latkes

On Tuesday, March 10th, 1998, the Williams College Jewish Association held their first annual Latke-Hamentash debate.

[Click here for the Williams Record report]

I argued for the hamentashen side, and despite giving a completely valid logical proof of the superiority of hamentashen, our side lost. Never overestimate the value of logic. Unwilling to surrender to injustice, I hereby offer the proof in an electronic version of print, in the hope that slowly, slowly, the truth will be understood and people convinced.

All that needs to be established, of course, is the first premise. Fortunately, my student Chuck Hagenbuch has done that in the eponymously named “Chuck Hagenbuch’s Winter Study project on logical puzzles”. The link to that site is on my Faculty Homepage. Go there, and work your way through to Grelling’s Paradox.

If you don’t understand the proof above, you are welcome to take Philosophy 103.