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Dear Professors and Staff from Williams College,

My name is Michael Schultz – I am a Junior at Carleton College and an organizer of a student-led initiative called the Panorama Project, which offers a great summer opportunity for the students in your department. This initiative will bring together a diverse group of students, faculty, and members of civic organizations from around the country to collaborate on works of journalism that explore topics in U.S. politics and history. Each piece of media will be authored jointly, by a team of two or more students of different backgrounds and political persuasions. The diversity of perspectives on each team will offer opportunities for participants to not only encounter other ways of framing contentious issues but also to reckon with the assumptions and evidence that those who disagree with them use for their arguments. We will publish participants’ work on a website devoted to the findings of our project. The Panorama Project is made possible through a grant from Davis Projects for Peace.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this email on to students you’ve worked with who might be interested in this opportunity. Anyone who wants to learn more or apply can visit our website, and any further questions can be directed to me at [email protected]. The project is not a full-time summer commitment, and we are accepting applications until May 21th.

This is an exciting time for our project, and we would be delighted to consider applications from the students in your department.


Michael Schultz

The Panorama Project.

Notice: All current and recent graduates. See here for information about fellowship opportunities in Philosophy at Yale University.


AC Law Review

Subject: Soliciting Submissions-Amherst College Law Review

My name is Phoenix Shaw ’22. I’m the editor-in-chief for the Amherst College Undergraduate Law Review (ACLR). The ACLR is currently accepting submissions for our next publication in the Spring of 2021. I would appreciate it if you could forward this email to any undergraduate students you think might be interested in submitting an essay that takes an interdisciplinary approach to law.

We ask that students send in essays that fit within the ACLR’s content guidelines, please see AcLawReview Guidelines

If you or any of your students have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] Thank you!

Phoenix Shaw