Philosophy 102 Worst Paper Title Contest

For several years in my Philosophy 102 class, “Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology”, I have given a prize for the WORST paper title. This is in the spirit of contests for the worst first line of novels, etc. The winners so far: Adam S. Cherensky ’93, “Believe me Alone! James… Continue reading »

Proof of the Superiority of Hamentashen over Latkes

On Tuesday, March 10th, 1998, the Williams College Jewish Association held their first annual Latke-Hamentash debate. [Click here for the Williams Record report] I argued for the hamentashen side, and despite giving a completely valid logical proof of the superiority of hamentashen, our side lost. Never overestimate the value of… Continue reading »

Jason E. Boro

Graduation Year: ’90 Address: 43 Bowdoin Street, Apt. 5F Boston, MA 02114 Occupation: Future attorney J.D., Suffolk University Law School 2001 M.A., Linguistics, Univ. of Conn. 1996 Email address: [email protected] I consider my philosophical training to be relevant to all my pursuits since graduation from Williams College… Continue reading »