Preregistration and Major Advising


Pre-registration Advising/Course Offerings for Academic Year 2022-23

For a list of courses being offered in Philosophy in academic year 2022-23, see here.

To All Majors and Students Interested in Enrolling in Philosophy Courses in 2022-23:

Majors are encouraged to discuss any questions they have about course selection or major requirements with their go-to advisor or the Chair. (See below for email links for members of the Philosophy faculty.)

All non-majors interested in enrolling in a Philosophy course in spring 2023 should contact one of the faculty members below or the Chair with any questions about the fall course offerings or the major.

Joe Cruz, Chair

email: [email protected]

Steve Gerrard

email: [email protected]

Keith McPartland

email: [email protected]

Julie Pedroni

email: [email protected]

Justin Shaddock

email: [email protected]


The Philosophy major is a nine course major. For more information, see here.