Bojana Mladenovic

Photo of Bojana Mladenovic

Professor of Philosophy

Schapiro Hall Rm 103


B.A. University of Belgrade (1984)
M.A. McGill University (1987)
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, Philosophy (1996)


PHIL 115

Personal Identity
(not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 294 T / COMP 294

Philosophy and Narrative Fiction (not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 295

Philosophy of Film and Film Theory (not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 301

Textual Meaning and Interpretation (not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 322 T

Hume's "Treatise of Human Nature" (not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 350 T

(not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 378

Pragmatist Currents in Contemporary Epistemology and Philosophy of Science (not offered 2021/22)

PHIL 380

Relativism (not offered 2021/22)

Professional Affiliations

American Philosophical Association (APA) Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) Austen-Riggs - Williams College Discussion Group

Current Committees

  • Science and Technology Studies

Other Courses

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Mathematics, Theories of Emotions, Pragmatism in Contemporary Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, Conceptions of Human Nature; Hume’s Treatise, Wittgenstein’s, Philosophical Investigations; Philosophy in Literature.

Travel Courses

Ancient Greek Philosophy in Greece; History and Philosophy of Biology in the Galapagos Islands.


Kuhn’s Legacy: Epistemology and Metaphilosophy in Kuhn’s Mature Thought forthcoming with Columbia University Press; My current research is in general philosophy of science, theories of emotions and philosophical problems of the self.