Study Away

Study Away*

Williams at Oxford Program
• The first two full philosophy tutorials count as three electives toward the major.
• Students may complete their philosophy distribution requirements with tutorials at Oxford (i.e., Contemporary Value Theory, Contemporary Metaphysics and Epistemology, and History).
• To ensure that tutorials are appropriate for a particular distribution requirement, students should consult with the current Department chair via email.

Other Study Away Programs

Students may count up to two philosophy electives toward the major from other colleges or universities. To count as an elective, such courses must be pre-approved by the current chair of the department. Courses taken during study away may not be taken to meet courses required for the philosophy major (201, 202, and 401, and the three philosophy distribution requirements.)

*Please note that the required PHIL 401 Senior Seminar in Philosophy is always offered in the fall semester of your senior year and must be taken at Williams. When contemplating studying away, especially if you are considering being away in fall of the senior year, be sure to take this requirement into account since it may mean that you will have to drop the major. If you plan to be away during that semester, you can request permission to take PHIL 401 during the fall of your junior year, but please note that such permissions are rare and that they require extraordinary circumstances.